IW4x: Restored UI - Update 1.1

Update 1.1 (16/12/2023)

Redownload the file as there has been an update to the client with new gamemodes so I’ve updated this mod to reflect this.

If the file dissappears after launch, set the file to read only.

Features & Fixes

  • Removed Main Menu, DLC Store, Credits, and Changelog as well as rearranged the menu items.
  • Renamed and moved some menu items, hints and colour codes across the interface to add consistency and clarity.
  • Readded the old MW2 MP background and MW2 cursor.
  • Repositioned Friends and Visit Website buttons to the bottom right of the main menu.
  • Provided the OG splash screen and console banner. (Removed due to Alterware launcher replacing these at every launch)
  • Replaced exe icon with the original MP icon. (Removed due to Alterware launcher replacing this at launch)
  • Amended Theater and Mod menus to fit client aesthetic.
  • Fixed background on Camo menu.


  • Center Callsign & Killstreaks menu.
  • Add correct names for custom gametypes.
  • Have weapons popups use the same background.



  1. Extract the zip file and add/replace the files in the game folder, (e.g. \steamapps\common\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2).
  2. Launch the game via iw4x.exe and you should see the changes.

If you no longer play the original MP on Steam, I recommend adding the IW4x.exe as the launch option so when launched in Steam, it boots IW4x rather than the original. Here’s the example of my parameters, just change the file location for yourself:

"launch-iw4x.lnk" --pass -nointro %command%



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