Cant launch IW4X

Hey i played IW4X first on friday with no issues etc. Today i wanted to run it and i needed update ok. But it keep giving me same error and i cannot finish download. I tried running as adminstrator, deleteting the file it downloading but still no help.
thread main panicked at scr/
called result ::unwrap () on an Err value: Error while downloading file
note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 enviroment variable to display backtrace.
Tried googling about rust backtrace to enable it but im too dumb for it lol…
Help me please :frowning:

What file did it list before the error? You may have to remove the file manually and try again.
If that doesn’t help we have a guide for manually installing/updating over here, so you can play again right away.

i tried to remove that file and let it redownload. Now i even tried to reinsall but same issue

Follow the guide I linked, steps 1-3, and then launch the game using iw4x.exe

working TY :)))))))
working TY :)))))))
working TY :)))))))

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