Egg for pterodactyl

Does this client have the egg to run the dedicated ones through pterodactyl?

No. If the community has made one, I am simply not aware. All server owners usually host on Windows although Wine on Linux works just as fine.

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YES I KNOW THAT but the client does not leave a guide to host the dedicated servers but it is easier for me with pterodactyl

Docs website is being written. Right now you can only download the server config from the Discord server for our clients that support dedicated servers.
The process is straightforward and intuitive.

I have added a headless mode to both S1 and IW6 so people may attempt to host in a headless environment on both Windows and Linux. Because officially I only want to target the Windows platform I can only attest it works on there. Try on Linux at your own risk. I may or may not work depending on WINE version or other clients like Lutris or whatever people use with Steam, I don’t know never really used Linux and I don’t want to look into it.

Just a quick update, I added a guide on how to host servers on Linux. It assumes the environment is not containerized. Perhaps you can take it from there and create your egg. If you search on GitHub you will find enough Docker containers for IW4x. Shouldn’t be too hard.

A guide for Docker has been added. Although no Docker file is provided it gives you enough information on how to get started.

where can I download the egg to create a server in pterodactyl panel

I don’t know. If you want, I can provide you with a Dockerfile at best. It seems like you will have to create your own Egg.

I don’t host servers, so I don’t handle that aspect. However, I can direct you to resources where you can find useful information on setting up IW4x in a headless containerized environment.

Unfortunately, IW6 and S1 cannot yet be hosted inside a container. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I got some eggs for alterware and plutonium in my github.

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