Extended error messages from the GSC VM

On IW4-SP and IW4x you can obtain extended error messages from the GSC VM by setting the developer and developer_script dvar to 1 respectively.

This means a few things:

  • When you get a compilation error you will know exactly which file and at which line/column the error is.
  • When you get a runtime error you will have a complete stack trace showing from which function the error originated (file name and line/column) and the call stack showing the caller of the function (file name and line/column).

These messages can be accessed by opening the console with ~, if you run IW4x with the -stdout command line option you will also see the messages in the external console. You can also access the log file from the userraw folder which contains a copy of these messages.

You can learn more about the command line options from here


On the other clients, you only need to set the developer_script dvar to 1.
The information you receive on these clients will be limited when compared to IW4x because the GSC VM changed a lot in later CoD titles.