Forum and Discord Rules


  • As for any community space, we do not tolerate harassment, spam, racism, homophobia or transphobia. In short, do not be offensive in any way.
  • Do not trash talk other projects, dead or alive.
  • Discussing piracy is not tolerated & we will not support it. You may be muted, kicked or banned if your intent is to break copyright laws currently in force and applicable to you.
  • According to the previous point, to play any of our clients, you must own the respective game license on Steam. If the client is unable to verify the license, it will close and you will not be able to use it (you must purchase the game on Steam).
  • Paying / asking to pay / buying and selling mods or maps is forbidden. We do not accept donations at this time.
  • You should set your expectations according to the previous point, do not expect staff to obey your demands. Do not be entitled when requesting support.
  • Try to keep all conversations in English.
  • Do not make posts containing NSFW
  • Do not post illegal material of any kind according to USA laws or any laws from states part of the European Union (including the UK).