How to Revert IW4x's Changes to One Man Army (OMA) + Painkiller/Juiced

How to Revert IW4x’s Changes to One Man Army (OMA) + Painkiller/Juiced

This was last updated on May 27, 2024. If you’re from the future, there’s a chance this may not work.

Context: Back many years ago, the IW4x development team at that time made the decision to modify the behaviour of the One Man Army (OMA) perk and the Painkiller deathstreak in the IW4x client. In IW4x, the One Man Army perk does not refill explosive ammunition and the Painkiller perk has been replaced with the functionality of the Juiced perk from MW3.

These edits can be easily reverted on both your own personal client, as well as in private matches or on a dedicated server. This is done very simply by re-overwriting the IW4x changes with the original game script files.

These steps revert the functionality of both of these perks to their original behaviour, since the changes are done in the same files. If you only want to change to revert changes to one of the perks, read the section underneath the “Steps to Revert” and you can edit the text files manually to only modify one of them.

NOTE: The Painkiller perk was renamed to Juiced in the user interface. It is not possible to rename this without modifying the menus. If your server is unmodded, clients will still have the “Juiced” label on the deathstreak, even if you replace the functionality with Painkiller.

Steps to Revert:

  1. Go to your MW2 game files folder where you are running IW4x. If you are on a dedicated server, this is the root folder where the game files are.
  2. Go into the userraw folder. You need to create this folder structure: userraw/maps/mp/perks (i.e. create the “maps” folder, and inside of that create a folder called “mp”, and inside of that create a folder called “perks”)
  3. Download the original _perks.gsc and _perkfunctions.gsc game scripts. These can be obtained from popular IW4 dumps, or you can dump these yourself if you know how. Here are some links:
  4. Place these two files inside of the userraw/maps/mp/perks folder.
  5. Start your IW4x client or dedicated server. These perks should now function as they originally worked in MW2. Please note that these script changes only apply to games that you host.

How does this work? How can I only revert changes to one of the perks?

IW4x modifies the game scripts in one of our client rawfiles, namely iw4x/iw4x_00. You can see the modified _perks.gsc and _perkfunctions.gsc files inside of our GitHub repository at: iw4x-rawfiles/iw4x/iw4x_00/maps/mp/perks at develop · iw4x/iw4x-rawfiles · GitHub

These files are named the same as the original GSC scripts, and effectively “overwrite” them. The above steps work because we store the original scripts in the userraw folder, which “re-overwrites” IW4x’s changes back to the original scripts.

If you want to only modify one of the perks, you will need to poke around in these files with a text editor. Here’s how you should go about it:

  1. Download the _perks.gsc and _perkfunctions.gsc from the IW4x rawfiles repository. Then download the original scripts from an IW4 dump (or dump them yourself).
  2. Do a diff between the IW4x version and the original files. It’s very easy to distinguish from the function names which ones are making modifications to One Man Army and which ones are for Painkiller.
  3. Edit the script’s functions back the original behaviour. Dump your saved file into userraw/maps/mp/perks.