How to set up iw6x Server on Linux?

I want to set up my iw6x server on my Linux VPS and I didn’t find any clew about it. Someone has any information ?
(I’m not a native speaker so, sorry for my english)

You have to YOLO it with Wine and an environment that can render a screen.

An experimental headless command line argument can be set, but you will still most likely need to reserve a virtual frame buffer if you are in a headless environment.

See: alterware-launcher/ at main · mxve/alterware-launcher · GitHub

For example: wine iw6-mod.exe -headless -dedicated ...

You should start by reading the guide for Windows and then manually convert it for Linux by changing the batch scripts to shell scripts.

Additionally, Linux hosting is possible but not encouraged for IW6 and S1, as it hasn’t been tested recently by me, the sole developer of these clients.

It adds a layer of complexity that I do not want to maintain for these clients, so proceed at your own risk.

Here is the guide written for IW4x Linux: IW4x Server Install Guide Linux.

You can also use Pterodactyl eggs for IW6 and S1, which might make the process easier for you: Pterodactyl Eggs for IW6 and S1.