IW4 Announcement

Hello everyone :wave: ,
This announcement pertains to IW4x.

For the better future of the project, we have decided to redirect all AlterWare services related to IW4x to the new official continuation project.

As many of you know, after the XLabs shutdown, the onus was on the community to continue the project. I believe that officially moving everything to the new IW4x GitHub organization is the best way forward for the client.

We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone using the AlterWare launcher. This means that the launcher will soon source the IW4x client files directly from the official IW4x GitHub organization.

Users can continue to consult the AlterWare forum and this Discord server for resources related to the client and for inquiries. However, we strongly encourage everyone to join the IW4x Discord server for assistance.

For those who opt to continue using the AlterWare launcher for the time being, please be aware that the client files will no longer be sourced from AlterWare in the near future.

I regret not having made this decision earlier to prevent fragmenting the user base across various IW4x client forks. However, I believe this decisive step is crucial to prevent further potential harm to the project.

You can find the IW4x GitHub organization here: iw4x · GitHub

AlterWare merely distributes the IW4x client files. We are not directly involved in the development of IW4x. This is why IW4x is under a separate organization on GitHub, and there is a different lead developer behind IW4x. Put simply, IW4x and AlterWare are distinct entities; we act as a “publisher” for the client files. While you can ask for assistance regarding IW4x in this Discord server or on our forum, we recommend primarily engaging with the repository on the IW4x GitHub profile.