IW4 Singleplayer/Spec Ops Private Match Guide

IW4 Singleplayer/Spec Ops Private Match Guide

  • Go to https://ipchicken.com and PM anyone who wants to join your IP Address.
  • Start IW4 Singleplayer and select ‘SPECIAL OPS’ from the main menu.
  • Click on ‘TWO PLAYER ONLINE’ and select a mission to get to the pre-match lobby.
  • Tell anyone who wants to join to click on ‘TWO PLAYER ONLINE’ and afterward to open the in-game console by using the tilde key.
  • Get them to enter the following command after they clicked on ‘TWO PLAYER ONLINE’, replacing ‘HostsIPAddress’ with the IP you previously sent him: /connect HostsIPAddress 28960
    You may also use the external console to connect. You do not need to use / character at the beginning of the command when using the external console.

Common Issues
Failed to join:

  • If you followed the steps above correctly and your friends are unable to join you or you are unable to join them, the host of the private match will need to port forward.
  • Port Forward port “28960” UDP
  • You can find how to do this by Googling ‘YourRouterName Port Forwarding’
  • The game is known to get into a glitched state. It manifests itself by appearing you successfully connected to your friends lobby but it does not show both player names in the lobby. If that happens you will not be able to start a match correctly. Both players should restart their game when this happens.
  • The game lags: the original developers of the game were aware of lag issues when playing Spec Ops with another player. Unfortunately, the issue was never fixed in the game version supported by us. Playing Spec Ops with two players requires a good internet connection and good PC specs. Lag spikes are common. Playing with a poor internet connection will result in both players disconnecting and going back to the main menu. We do not know of any fix for this issue as it seems to be a “game engine” problem.


  • Note for Singleplayer/Spec Ops: Make sure the person connecting ran the command after clicking on ‘TWO PLAYER ONLINE’ or after selecting a mission. Joining from the main menu does not seem to work.
  • Note for Singleplayer/Spec Ops: Make sure you respected the particular syntax Singleplayer/Spec Ops uses with the connect command. Using : between the IP address and the port number will not work, you need to use a space, like this: /connect HostsIPAddress 28960