IW4x Private Match hosting not working at all


So recently i have been trying to get private matches setup for IW4x but it seems no matter what i tried nothing worked. I already know there is a guide for hosting but like i already said none of the steps worked at all. I want to know if im doing something wrong or maybe someone can help me properly get this working. I have read the guide, asked the discord, looked up video tutorials hell im even considering using Hamachi instead of Radmin because no matter what i did nothing worked and nobody seem to know how to help except to just give me the same goddamn guide 5 times already. So please if you can give me something i can rely on or if not maybe just message me to help and i will respond when i have the chance cause nothing makes sense and my head is being split open. if not then im just hoping that the Alterware Devs look at this as a reason to implement proper lobby hosting or just being able to join through the friends list. Im sorry this was long but idk what’s happening anymore and im already tired.

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