IW4x-SP Feature List

The following is an incomplete version of all the features the client has to offer.


  • Can load custom GSC scripts from raw
  • Can override “map entities” from raw
  • Can load weapon files from raw
  • Restored fs_game behaviour. IW4x-SP can load a mod.ff file just like on CoD 4

General & QOL Improvements

  • Discord integration
  • Fix a generic bug with the in-game console
  • Un-Cheat and un-protect all the dvars
  • Enable scr_damageFeedback by default (hit-markers)
  • Enable COOP (two players
  • Add a game log
  • Add r_noBorder dvar
  • Add ultra-wide support
  • Disable IW’s tracking/logging system
  • Harden the game against malicious networking packets

Cod Jumper / Movement

  • Add pm_bounce dvar
  • Add pm_bouncingAllAngles dvar
  • Add pm_rocketJumpScale dvar
  • Add pm_playerCollision dvar
  • Add pm_elevators dvar (easy elevators)
  • Add pm_disableLandingSlowdown dvar
  • Add pm_snapVector dvar (makes jump height FPS dependant)

GSC Functions:

  • CmdExec (You must terminate your strings with \n)
  • Float (casts other data types to a float)
  • GetChar
  • IsEndStr
  • ReplaceFunc
  • StrICmp
  • ToUpper

GSC Methods:

  • IsSprinting