IW4x: Spanish Localization Strings

  • Manually translated all strings corresponding to the client (those that are not included in the game).
  • Adapted and corrected old terms and translations of the game (e.g.: the map “Shipment” is no longer called “Cargamento”)
  • Everything is flexible and freely editable, each section of the STR is separated to give an understanding of its meaning.


Note: Working on an update for Q1 2024

To install it just move the file iw4x_02.iwd to the folder Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2\iw4x

Personally, I recommend using it in conjunction with Revitalised UI Mod, it’s quite good (although you will have to change the name of my iwd or add the content of it to the mod in order to take effect).

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Nice job, I always thought the translations could have been improved.