IW6 Server Install Guide

You will need the following:

Server setup:

  1. Install the IW6 client distributed by the launcher. Download it and place it into your server folder. Then run it so it automatically downloads the client files. Pro tip: use the terminal to run the launcher with the --update command line argument.
  2. Download the server configurations from our Git, and place the files in the server folder.
  3. Carefully review and edit the configuration settings file to your liking. Give it a hostname, and gametype, and remove or add the maps you want, etc.
  4. Save the server.cfg file you just edited after you are done.
  5. Forward the TCP and UDP port (27016). If you changed the default port or are adding another server, you may need to open the following additional ports: 27017, 21018, etc. This step is not required on a dedicated server or VPS.
  6. Run the “start bat” file for the server you want and it shall open.