Kicked from Discord, Trying to rectify the situation

I think there’s been some kind of misunderstanding and for some reason I got kicked from Alterware? I have no idea what I did worth being kicked but I apologize if I did something breaking rules. I try to play ghosts almost every day. Can you please allow me back? I really don’t know what I did wrong. I believe my username is “beyondthebox.” But it might just be “beyondthebox”

I recently had to do a cloud restore so I can’t even access the launcher necessary to re play the games. Please allow me back into the group. I’ve never been kicked from a discord before so I am not sure what I did that broke rules but I won’t do it again.

Still waiting can someone please respond

If you was kicked just rejoin you only can’t rejoin if you was banned

I must have been banned because I am not capable of re joining. I think it’s because I was making a joke about aim assist vs keyboarders and I don’t believe that is worth being banned. I thought we all were more friendlier than to be banned for an aim assist joke. I really would appreciate joining back.