Mods Collection for MW2

Hello Comrades,

I wish to share all mods i have taken that should include all common and uncommon mods in this Mega Archive should have all mods of Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

That starting at AlterIwnet to IW4X Client and yeah means very vey old Mods o_O

I not completly sorted all yet because many of them need to be repatched or add some function to lets the mods work with IW4X Client but modder you like you will find a way x)

= MW2 Mods Collection Public Archive =

This Archive Only including Source mods (Maps) or .IWD Files + Pakscape software to be able unpack repack .iwd archive for who need it

You should find all your paste memory Mods like All version of Ai Zombie \ Ai Zombies Extremes \ QCZM \ Prop Hunt \ Hide And Seek ect ect
ps: If anyone know how to play Spec Ops Mission in COOP with friend please tell me

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