My IW6X on a M.2 takes too long to load (Campaign)

i reinstalled and moved it to another drive and that did nothing

It’s a non-fixable issue caused by your hardware. In 2024 a budget gaming PC can play the game just fine, my guess is something on your side isn’t so gaming-friendly.

my pc has a 3080 and the drives were both m.2

this was also happening on my gaming laptop

I guess this is one of those game issues that are also present on the Steam version.

well thats not good, guess i have to deal with it

It’s possible. I recall encountering the same issue when playing this game on my laptop back in 2014. However, in 2018, I upgraded to a more powerful computer, and in 2021, I acquired a gaming laptop as well. With these upgrades, the levels load quickly and without any issues.