Protect Your IW4x Server with Fail2Ban (Linux)

Fail2Ban is a daemon that can ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors for the Linux operating system.

If you are a Windows user, you can disregard this post.

I am currently working on a Pull Request for the iw4x-client project. This update will enable users to configure their IW4x server to log instances of users engaging in undesirable behaviour. Once Fail2Ban is correctly configured with these config files, it will identify these log entries and add the user’s IP address to the IP tables of the operating system, resulting in a ban for a predefined period.

You will find two ’ conf ’ files once you download the contents from the linked repository. One is the jail configuration, and the other specifies additional information required by Fail2Ban. Place them in /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/ and /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/, respectively. Afterwards, restart the Fail2Ban service.

You might need to modify the jail config file to monitor a location different from the default /var/log/iw4x.log.

The pull request introduces a new dvar named iw4x_fail2ban_location, with its default value set to /var/log/iw4x.log. However, to avoid the necessity of altering user permissions required for writing to /var/log, I adjusted it to write to userraw/logs/iw4x.log. Subsequently, I edited the jail config file accordingly to point to my server location: /home/<username>/server/userraw/logs/iw4x.log

Additionally, consider adjusting the bantime and findtime properties in the jail config file to suit your specific requirements.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to try out this feature before its official release. I have tested it locally, and it works seamlessly with the published config files.

Edit 1:

The PR has now been merged. This feature will be included in the next IW4x release.
if you want to enhance the protection of your servers consider switching to Linux.
IW4x can also be containerized and run in “eggs” using pterodactyl, improving security.
Traditional Docker containers alre also supported.


To enable this feature in the IW4x client you must addthe -fail2ban command line argument.