(Repost) I was banned from the AlterWare server with no warning

Repost because the last one was deleted. I was and still am banned from the AlterWare discord server presumably without any reason as I wasn’t given a warning or anything. I didn’t get a chance to reply on the last post because the post was locked so I’m making a new one. My discord is @crimsonx_x and as of today, I’m still banned.

The staff member who banned you would need to consider your appeal, and the people who have responded to you so far, including myself, do not know what you posted; therefore, we can’t consider unbanning you.

See this reply: I was banned from the Discord for no reason - #5 by Emosewaj

Also, to further clarify, when someone says they were banned with no warning, it’s somewhat of a misnomer because you must understand that if you get banned, it’s presumably because you did something to warrant a ban. Nothing in our rules states you are entitled to a warning. Additionally, regarding an unban appeal, we state nowhere that we accept them. Your state is in the hands of whoever banned you.

You are still welcome to use the forum or play with our clients.

The problem with that is that the person who I suspect banned me is an abuser of their power. There’s nothing I’d be able to do. I even tried to get another opinion on this. Other people who have been in the AlterWare server don’t like him either. So I’m pretty much fucked.

Also, yes you could easily do something because if you’re the same Future from AlterWare, then I’m pretty sure you own the server meaning you could not only ban/unban anybody that you want but you could easily just check the mod logs to see if the ban was justified.

Finally, while it may not be explicitly stated in the rules that you’re entitled to a warning, it’s implied as most servers do it and it’s also the right moral thing to do as there would be no reason to have such a strict policy on a discord server. I have no way of knowing what I did wrong. I have no chance to better myself. I have no way to even learn from my mistakes. At that point, why even have a law & order system? It’s not gunna make anyone behave. It just leaves people clueless and takes away members of the server.

I don’t have anything to add at this time.

Next time we have an internal meeting, we might consider implementing a policy to handle bans (and appeals) for our Discord/forum. Thus far, I haven’t observed any abuse from our staff, and we rarely ban anyone on our server. At this point, I won’t take any immediate action, but if we do decide on a ban appeal policy, your request will be retroactively reconsidered.