Some suggestions for this client.

I have some new ideas to improve this client:

  • Split screen mode for at least 2 players, with the possibility of playing on dedicated servers together. So someone can invite friends over and play online and a feature like this can also help increase the low online population of IW6-mod and S1-mod;
  • Give us the ability to unlock Steam achievements while playing, since zombie/extinction with p2p matchmaking in the vanilla game is dangerous for PC security. I know this is a non-Steam mod, but it’s also true that if you can check my Steam library to see if I purchased the games or not, maybe something can be done about unlocking achievements too.

In my opinion, a split screen will never happen due to an impossible time requirement size, which is probably around 6 to 12 months of development time.
There is only one project maintainer (me) and that would be completely wasted time because it only impacts a barely existent minority of users who have a use case for this.

I can’t comment much on the Steam Achievement thing. I also think it is wasted development time as I think there are maybe 50 (not a joke) more important things I should be focusing on for this client.

And if possible please make Steam to see IW4X like CoD. So it can count in-game hours.

No can do. Sorry. Our clients don’t connect with Steam API.

Ok I understand, but can we at least have the possibility to change the difficulty of enemy bots in combat training? Because it’s too simple and veteran bots use exo movements much more, and it allows us to complete challenges such as “aerial duel” (I think that’s what this challenge is called in English) to unlock camouflages.

Maybe, I’m not aware of anyone working on combat training.
You might want to find out if there are any Dvars you can tweak to lower the difficulty.