The Node System - A Simple Explanation

Hello everyone,

I’d like to highlight a unique feature of the IW4x client, which sets it apart.

The concept of decentralization in the IW4x context refers to a client feature envisioned by the original IW4x developers. The primary goal? To prevent any authoritative figure from leveraging lawsuits to terminate the client. This feature shielded IW4x from the XLabs shutdown. Similarly, even if AlterWare were to cease operations, whether due to unforeseen challenges or pressure from a financial powerhouse, the client would remain unaffected.

This feature is known as the “node system.”

To simplify, each server and client operate as “nodes”. Every node maintains a record of all active online servers. The user’s client, in essence, queries each node, asking, “How many servers are you currently tracking?” In response, every IW4x user gets feedback from the node system, producing a comprehensive server list, showcasing all active servers. The servers play a reciprocal role: they announce their online status to other nodes and share their recorded server list upon request.

The beauty of this system lies in its resilience against external disruptions.

It’s essential to note: even if AlterWare were to close its doors, the IW4x project would remain unscathed. AlterWare’s role is limited to distributing client files; it doesn’t participate in the client’s development.

Wondering how to view the server list?

There are third-party tools available that let you explore all active servers, even without owning MW2 or running IW4x. Furthermore, you can access an internal server list using the /serverlist info endpoint:


This URL provides insights into the server’s knowledge regarding the node system’s state. Typically, the net_port is set at 28960, but server owners can modify it as they see fit.