UI Update for IW4-SP

Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m excited to share that I just pushed an update that adds menu parsing (loading) from raw. This means you can now freely edit all the menu files of the game to your heart’s content.

The code has undergone thorough testing, and I’m proud to announce that no memory leaks have been observed. This is a significant milestone, especially considering that IW4x used to have a small memory leak. Now, with this update, I can confidently say that IW4-SP is the first IW4 client ever (including multiplayer clients) to have an open-sourced menu loading that does not leak any memory. (Excluding the now defunct SM2 project, of course).

However, there are a few caveats to this new feature that I want to address in a future post in greater detail. First, the “Aresoul” menu dump will not work with this update. Additionally, the IW4 engine feature “UI functions” are not yet supported, mainly because no widely available menu dump contains them.