Who are the developers behind AlterWare?

The project was started in May of 2023 by st0rm and myself. The name AlterWare was chosen by a known community member, xensik.

As AlterWare is over one year old at the time of writing, I am very grateful to my staff members who have been with me since the start.

AlterWare may share staff members with other CoD projects but is, in fact, independent. We prefer not to be directly associated with the teams behind other projects but rather see them as our colleagues, each pursuing our own separate goals

I would like to thank all the developers who previously worked on the client.

At a later date, Louvenarde also joined the project and is now the lead developer of IW4x, while I maintain all the other clients.

The mission statement of AlterWare is described here: https://github.com/alterware.

So, who am I (diamante0018 / FutureRave)?

Hello, as you can see from my GitHub profile, I am a computer science graduate who developed a passion for old CoD games. I used to own a PS3, which I used to play the old CoD titles. I founded AlterWare and I am currently the lead developer for many of our CoD clients.
In my free time, I maintain this project and various other smaller projects related to CoD. I am a technical scuba diver, and I love “scene core” and anything related to scene/emo outfits, scene wigs with hair extensions, and drag makeup. I am trying to reduce my screen time, and I recently started participating in various events in my community that support the LGBTQIA+ community and trans rights.

I have almost entirely self-learned C++, as it was not something taught at my university, and I also had to learn how to reverse engineer the CoD engine.

I also go by the aliases: Future and 6arelyfuture on Discord.

I love FutureRave music by David Guetta. I have attended various live performances of 6arelyhuman and plan to attend more of them. That’s where my aliases come from.

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Checkout out our Gitea repositories: