IW4x Server Blacklist

This is the public list of servers that have been removed from the “AlterWare Dedicated Server List”. Servers appearing on this list will not show up when a user opens the server browser from our IW4x client. The list might not be up-to-date, as it can take some time to reflect when a server is added to or removed from our services.

Name Reason Date Served a Notice
NBS Spoofing Data 27/09/2023 :white_check_mark:
Unknown Chinese Name** Separate Client 19/01/2024 :white_check_mark:
Tricky Myers Custom DDL 26/05/2024 :white_check_mark:

‘Served a Notice’ means that the server owner or an administrator was successfully contacted regarding the incident.

Server owners who address the issue by adhering to our rules may have their ‘ban’ lifted in accordance with our Rules.

The are also some servers pending de-listing if they do not comply with a specific request within a pre-agreed time frame (empty as of today).

Name Reason Date of incident Served a Notice Date of Delisting

** The servers had “Welcome” in their name which was the only English word.

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