Rules for Server Hosters

These rules apply to everyone hosting servers on IW4x, IW6, and S1. We reserve the right to remove any server from our server list at our discretion even for reasons that are not found in the following rule list. However, by following our rules, you can be sure it will be unlikely any action will be taken against your servers.

1. No Stealing Server Names: Do not use a server name that’s identical or too similar to existing ones, especially those of long-standing server owners.

2. No Spoofing Data: Misrepresenting the number of real players connected, such as using bots to inflate numbers or showing players when none are connected, is prohibited. Once a player is connected to any server, they should be able to tell which client is a bot or a real player. Bots should have the “BOT” clan tag (or the server owner’s clan tag) and -1/999 ping.

3. Appropriate Server Names Required: Server names deemed inappropriate or offensive, based on our assessment, are subject to removal. Do not put Discord invite links/advertisements in your server names.

4. Limit on Number of Servers: Do not bypass the limits set by the AlterWare master server. If found in violation, we may remove all your servers. The limit is 10 servers per game and 25 servers total across all games.

5. Proper Emulator Labelling: If you are emulating a server, it must appear as if it is password-protected to indicate to players that they cannot join. Non-compliant emulators will be delisted.

6. Custom DLLs: If you tell your users to install “custom DLLs” to gain access to certain features on your servers, they will be delisted.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the removal of your servers.

We do not need to notify you when taking any action against your servers.

If your servers have been removed due to non-compliance, please adhere to our rules as soon as possible. Once you have done so, you can contact us. We will then review your case and may consider lifting the ban on your servers.