Info about AlterWare

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This is a place for discussing the projects under AlterWare, at this time we provide a client modification for IW4, IW5, IW6 and S1 (see the various forum categories for more details).
You may use this forum to discuss matters around our clients but we are also welcome to any topics in regards to modding/programming that relate in some sort of way to the games we have a client for.


  • We are mainly focused on SP for IW4 and IW5. We make sure you are able to run custom GSC scripts and are able to play with a friend in Spec Ops on IW4 SP.
  • IW5 currently does not support playing with other players on both SP & MP. We do not exclude the possibility of adding the feature to SP only. It is not our intention to create a client that competes against Plutonium IW5, therefore, we are not planning to add the ability to play with other players on MP.

UPDATE 07-29-2023
We now provide download links for the IW4x MP project. We have fixed up dead links from the original iw4x-client repository to allow for easier compilation and provide many hot fixes.
Our DLL should be used by server hosters. We will soon merge with the other IW4x project and create a DLL for normal users too.

AlterWare merely distributes the IW4x client files. We are not directly involved in the development of IW4x. This is why IW4x is under a separate organization on GitHub, and there is a different lead developer behind IW4x. Put simply, IW4x and AlterWare are distinct entities; we act as a “publisher” for the client files. While you can ask for assistance regarding IW4x in this Discord server or on our forum, we recommend primarily engaging with the repository on the IW4x GitHub profile.

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Dedicated Servers on AlterWare: Community-Hosted

All servers on AlterWare are hosted by individual community members. As such:

  • AlterWare’s Role: We are not responsible for the management or actions of individual server hosts.
  • Server Bans: If you are banned from a server, we cannot intervene on your behalf.
  • Reporting Cheaters: We cannot take action against suspected cheaters. If you need to report or appeal, contact the specific server’s management. Server details, such as website links or Discord invites, are typically available on the server GUI or via periodic chat announcements. Please address concerns directly on the server’s forum or Discord.
  • Server Behavior: We don’t entertain complaints regarding the behaviour or decisions of server admins on their platforms. If dissatisfied, consider launching and managing your server in line with your preferences.

IMPORTANT: Report to us only if you identify a server violating our “Server Hosters” rules, available on our forum.

The client binaries and the launcher may be reported as computer viruses. It is a false positive. Our clients are based on well-known open-source software (IW4x and the launcher are open-source!).
We are not responsible for false detections from poorly made antivirus software. It is the responsibility of the antivirus vendor to avoid false detections.
It happens often when a new update is released, a new binary (exe) is unknown and it increases the likelihood of it being reported as a virus.